Nikki Jeske: Freelance Designer, Illustrator, and Social Butterfly.
Social (Media) Butterfly
designer, illustrator, social butterfly
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Design: National Association of Social Workers – Texas

Role: Designer

NASW Texas was looking for organization. They had a lot of content but weren’t sure where to put it. I crafted a wireframe that would take all of that content and condense it into clean boxes that would make it easier for them to update. While the banner and navigation at the very top were based on a provided template, the style and colors as well as the framework and design of the content were custom designed and built. A member login widget as well as a jQuery sliding widget were designed for the homepage to make it more dynamic and easier for the members to navigate to the pages they needed. The end result was a branded website with a new design and homepage framework that showcased and prioritized their content.

Tools: Fireworks

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