Nikki Jeske: Freelance Designer, Illustrator, and Social Butterfly.
Social (Media) Butterfly
designer, illustrator, social butterfly
nikki the design coyote

Design & Development:

Role: Designer & Developer

This project is a prime example of how two artists can combine forces to take over the world. With Rachael’s art to grace the design and my knowledge of how to put it all together, we made a pretty stellar website. I crafted this design from the ground up, starting with a basic wireframe to get the layout down and creating a bright, cheerful, and artsy design around that. It showcases both artwork from Rachael’s own portfolio, as well as some of my own illustrations to represent an artist’s cluttered desk (at least that’s what mine looks like…). The end result is a design with more than a little splash of color and artistic talent.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, CSSEdit, WordPress

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